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Suitable for websites that main visitors come from the international world. Speed ​​of access in Indonesia and Asia Pacific is relatively fast but normal in the international world. Server Hosting USA means web server computer used to store website / datacenter data located in USA. Fast accessible from all over the world because the world internet server center is in USA.

Interested, there is also a cost-effective hosting package. Affected by international network connectivity condition of ISP Indonesia used by customer. We provide web hosting here Best Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. Fast and real-time e-mail delivery and reception because routing to the mail server is relatively short, eg to Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and other USA-based server users. Before dropping a datacenter location option, we recommend that you specify.

Target your website visitors. For example if the main target is a visitor from Indonesia yes choose the server Indonesia. Target email communication. For example if often communicate email with people overseas yes choose a USA server. 2015 with the official Google has been enforcing a search method that will focus more on the mobile-friendly website (responsive) which the name of the algorithm is MobileGeddon.

New method of search this google make some bloggers and also the online businessmen began to clean up themes that are more friendly to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Design Responsive is the ability of a web page that can adjust the appearance on all devices or gadgets according to the screen size. Responsive design is very helpful to increase traffic a page posted by the author of a website.

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